Bar in Frankfort Could Have Liquor License Revoked

A bar in Frankfort could lose their liquor license or face fines because an employee doesn’t know a basic rule. The Village of Frankfort will be holding a public hearing this Thursday to discuss the possible suspension of the liquor license for Elwood Alehouse located at 6 Elwood Street in Frankfort. Mayor Jim Holland told WJOL that during Fall Fest, police noticed people with open containers of beer. When police asked where they got the beer, they said Alehouse and that the employee told them it was okay to have the open beer while walking around during Fall Fest. Holland who is also the liquor commissioner will hear both sides of the story Thursday morning. Vicki Kelly will speak on behind of Elwood Alehouse. Mayor Holland says Thursday’s hearing will decide whether to go forward with another hearing to revoke the liquor license. This is the first time Elwood Alehouse has had to come before the Village Attorney and could face anything from a reprimand to a fine.

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