Bolingbrook Woman Seeks Sanctuary in Chicago Church to Avoid Deportation

A Bolingbrook resident and mother of six children has sought sanctuary in a Chicago church in an effort to avoid deportation. Francisca Lino was given a deportation notice by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in March and told that she would need to turn herself in for self-deportation. Instead Lima has taken up sanctuary in Adalberto United Methodist Church in Humboldt Park. In an interview with WJOL Lina stated that she plans to stay at the church for 90 days while she attempts to appeal her deportation. Lino was deported once before due to an issue with her application back in 2005. Francisca’s husband, Diego, is a U.S. Citizen and would stay in the United States with her children if Lino is in fact deported.

Listen to the entire interview from WJOL here:

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