Bolingbrook Woman Alseep At The Wheel Arrested DUI

Two good samaritans may have saved the life of a Bolingbrook woman. Joliet Police Deputy Chief Ed Gregory tells WJOL,  two men ages 34 noticed a vehicle in the middle of the intersection of Old Renwick Road and Trading Post Lane on Monday night just before 7pm. The men noticed a woman in the driver’s seat passed out with the ignition running and the car in drive. One man turned off the ignition while the other called police. Fifty-three year old Susan O’Connor from Bolingbrook was charged with DUI and intoxicating compound. Deputy Chief Gregory says she allegedly had a can of Dust-Off in her hand. She may have been sniffing aerosols. Joliet Fire and police responded and transported the woman to the hospital. She was released and booked later Monday night.

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