Brothers Arrested After Allegedly Breaking Into Slammer Stadium and Stealing Alcohol

Two brothers were arrested on Tuesday night after they allegedly broke into Slammer Stadium in an attempt to steal alcohol. 30-year-old Hunter Carlstrom and 22-year-old William Carlstrom have both been charged with Burglary, Criminal Trespass to State Property and Criminal Damage to Property. It was on Monday morning that the two allegedly illegally entered Slammer Stadium and then broke into one of the concession stands and took approximately $1,000 worth of beer and liquor. Security cameras were able to capture the break in and descriptions of the two suspects were given to the Joliet Police Department. It was not until Tuesday evening, just after 6:30pm, that an officer was responding to an unrelated call at Jefferson and Wilcox Street that he noticed the Carlstroms and how they matched the descriptions to the break in suspects and arrested the two brothers.

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