City Of Joliet Plans For Alternative Water Supply

The City of Joliet’s water supply is becoming an issue. The city currently relies on deep wells. But as Jim Eggen director of Public Utilities for Joliet says the deep well water source is not sustainable. Eggen says deep wells take too long to replenish itself and is not a viable solution for Joliet.

Eggen says experts with the state of Illinois say we likely have only 20 years left on the current water supply in Joliet. Eggen’s recommendation is to look for another water source. One option is Lake Michigan but there is alternate source. He suggests the Kankakee River which has a high flowing stream and the highest water quality in the area.

Eggen says waiting for the water to stop flowing is not the time to start planning. Eggen says we need to start planning now. Upgrades will be required in town to replace water mains and pipe lines.

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