College Athletic Recruiting Presentation: Thurs Night at Plainfield South H S

Motivational Speaker Jack Renkens will be speaking at Plainfield South High School this Thursday evening about college athletic recruiting. The presentation is called: “It’s a Game, Know the Rules.” Renkens, a former athlete, coach, and athletic director at the high school and college levels, says whenever a family is going through this with a student for the first time, they often get the wrong information.

Renkens says less than four percent of high school student athletes will have a chance for a definite four year scholarship where they can pick the school. For the other 96 percent, if they do have a chance, they have to be willing to play the game, and go anywhere; as well as play one school against another.

Renkens’ presentation at Plainfield South High School Thursday evening starts at 7 PM.

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