Turn Back the Clock 2014

The contest everyone wants to win!  If you are chosen to be on a team you can expect 6 weeks of personal training, nutritional guidance, and phenomenal health improvements. (Heart health, weight loss, strength gains and improved flexibility)

Please, tell us why you should be chosen, Members registration website:  www.inwoodathleticclub.com

Non-members website: www.wjol.comListen to Scott Slocum on 1340AM radio

Registration begins Jan. 27 – March 13th, 2014

Full Name:
Day Phone:
Evening Phone:
E-Mail Address:
Are you male or female?:

Are you a current member of Presence Inwood Athletic Club?:

What is your age, height, weight, t-shirt size, phone number, & email? (separate with commas)::
Do you have any exercise restrictions prescribed by a physician? (If yes please explain):
Please give a brief description of why you should be chosen for Turn Back the Clock?:
Are you available to work out from Feb. 27 through April 11?:

Please check all times that would work for you if you are chosen to be on a team:
Monday and Wednesday at 6:30am:

Monday and Wednesday at 9:30am:

Tues. and Thurs. 9:30 am:

Mon. and Thurs. 5:00 pm:

Wed. and Fri. 5:00 pm:

Mon. and Wed. 8:10 pm :

Have you ever participated in TBTC before?:

Has a doctor ever suggested that you avoid exercise or expressed any other concern about any other condition(s) that would inhibit you from participating in this contest?:

Is there any type of exercise you absolutely will NOT do?:

Are you willing to have your picture taken and posted on the Joliet Park District and Our website? (nothing revealing, i.e. swimming suit):

Birth Date:
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