DCFS Releases Report on Semaj Crosby

The Department of Children and Family Services released a 22-page report on Friday on the death of Joliet toddler Semaj Crosby. It was in April that the 17-month-old was found dead under a couch in her Joliet Township home. The report shows that there were 12 visits to the home at 309 Louis Road between April of 2015 to April of 2017.  Of the 12 investigated allegations three are still pending investigations, seven were classified as unfounded, once classified as indicated and one which led to an Intact Family Service case being opened on Sheri Gordon. Two reports were taken the month the Semaj Crosby died. One report taken on April 21, 2017 days before Semaj disappeared and one on April 27, 2017 the day Semaj’s body was discovered. Those two reports were still under investigation. Stay tuned to WJOL for the latest regarding this story.



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