District 204 Superintendent Praises Police and WJOL

Joliet Central High School - RE

In studio to promote an upcoming school Superintendent chat, Joliet Township High School District 204 Superintendent Dr. Cheryl McCarthy praised the Joliet Police Department for their handling of a bogus claim.

It was the morning of November 1st that Joliet Central High School was on a hard lockdown due to a 911 call stating they saw someone with a gun enter the school. Dr. McCarthy says all the students and staff followed their lockdown procedures perfectly. They did what they have practiced. This is the longest period of time that the school was on a hard lockdown. She says, “thank goodness it was a hoax.” She thanked Joliet police for their quick actions and WJOL for keeping parents and the public informed.

Joliet police arrested two juveniles who allegedly made the bogus calls.


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