Downtown Joliet Baseball Stadium Construction Delayed “A Couple Weeks”

A source close to the construction and installation of artificial turf at the Downtown Joliet Baseball Stadium has told the WJOL News Department that several unforeseen issues will delay construction for “a couple weeks.” The source told WJOL that construction crews that are digging up the playing surface and the ground underneath for the instillation of the new drainage system and artificial turf are hitting bedrock sooner then expected. Boring tests done on the grounds of the field, conducted before construction began, showed that crews should not hit the difficult to move bedrock sooner then four feet. WJOL has been told that bedrock is consistently being hit at two feet, which is causing significant delays for the crews. The source also stated that the initial plans for the draining system at the stadium have had to be changed after infrastructure that was expected to be in place was not found on site. Drainage was expected to be split between the right and left field fouls polls but crews discovered that the proper connection was not in place in right field and as a result drainage must now be directed only to left field. When asked what kind of delays these issues could cause, WJOL was told by its source that it would be “at least a couple weeks.” That will pose a problem as WJOL was told by officials with the project that the plan to the have construction completed and the turf installed before winter would have a very tight timeline and that any delays would be a cause for concern. Stay tuned to WJOL for the latest regarding this story.



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