Hundreds Sign Petition Against Industrial Development Proposed In Elwood

Elwood Village Hall

More than 400 people showed up for an open house in Elwood regarding a $1.2 billion industrial park development. NorthPoint Development would be a Compass Business Park on the east side of Route 53 and travel into Manhattan. The company believes the park could bring up to 15-thousand jobs over a ten year period. Residents are concerned about how this will affect traffic through Elwood. A petition created by Elwood resident Bobby Hauert was at the meeting and received over 300 signatures against the building of the business park. Hauert says if the development is approved then Elwood would become a ghost town.

Hauert says Elwood is landlocked. Residential development can’t go south as due to the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie. Elwood can’t expand to the north as they will run into Joliet and can’t expand west due I-55 and Exxonmobil. Therefore Hauert believes residents will leave Elwood.

The previous Mayor William Offerman began this project before he left office. Offerman was defeated by Todd Matichak. The Village board could vote against the business park.


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