Joliet Asks For Residents Help In Digging Out Hydrants

AP Photo/Al Maglio

The City of Joliet is asking residents to help the Joliet Fire Department by shoveling out fire hydrants near their homes. Chief Formhals states “With last week’s heavy snowfall, many of our hydrants are covered with snow. With over 8,000 hydrants in the city, our crews cannot get to all the hydrants to clear. The crews shovel “priority hydrants” that are located near schools, hospitals, high rises, and large apartment complexes. Although all hydrants in the city are located in our on board computers, getting out of the vehicle and finding the hydrant can be the difference between getting water on a fire and holding the crews outside until the water supply is established.”

Chief Formhals also reminds parents to refrain from letting children dig into the large snow piles to create “forts”. At some point the weight of the snow above will come down and cause a child to be trapped.


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