Joliet Gives Second Installment Of Funds Hopes For Age Diversity Of Shows

Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk wants the Rialto Square Theatre to be more like The Forge or other venues in Aurora and St. Charles where shows appeal to various ages. Rialto Executive Director Val Devine says there are nine other offers out currently for additional shows. The Herald News reports, Devine saying, they’re working to re-establish its brand in the industry by booking shows with low risk to prove the theatre is a viable host again.

The city did give the second installment of 250-thousand dollars after the Rialto met their 30 show quota. But O’Dekirk is pushing the Rialto to look at other government funding sources. Rialto Board Chairman Bob Filotto says U.S. Rep. Bill Foster put the Rialto in touch with the grant writer for federal funds.

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