Joliet Mayor Sets The Record Straight On New City Manager

Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk says that the city’s new city manager has been unfairly maligned.

David Hales was hired last week to be the new city manager of Joliet, coming to the city from Bloomington. A local newspaper article called into question Mr. Hales’ ability as a city manager after five individuals who managed the city of Bloomington owned U.S. Cellular Coliseum now called Grossinger Motors were arrested after allegedly withholding $1 million from the city while operating the facility. Mayor O’Dekirk says it was Mr. Hales that caught the alleged schemers.

The Mayor also said that now Mr. Hales now has unfair accusations surrounding his name.

Hales is currently in California on vacation with his family but has already told the city that he is willing to return to Joliet if needed and answer any questions regarding this matter.

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