Joliet Working On Amazon Traffic Lights


The city of Joliet is working with IDOT to install a new traffic light near Amazon off of Route 53. Currently, Joliet police officers are directing traffic and halting vehicles along Route 53’s entrance to Amazon just north of Laraway Road. When an officer is not present, motorists cannot make a left turn going southbound into the Amazon facility. The traffic light would be placed at Emerald Drive and Route 53. Interim City Manager Marty Shannahan says before a light can be placed at Route 53 and Emerald, IDOT says extra turn lanes must be in place at Laraway and route 53 before a traffic light is installed.

Joliet has collected enough money through businesses and the grants to pay for the traffic lights. Shannahan hopes to have the traffic lights in before the Christmas rush, but may not be allowed to due to IDOT’s restrictions.



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