Local Chef Holds First Of Its Kind Culinary Showdown At Louis Joliet Mall

You’ve heard of the TV show, “Chopped” on the Food Network, well a local chef is bringing a similar cooking competition to the Louis Joliet Mall. Chef Turon Cummings of ConEcepts presents a “Culinary Showdown” between the Joliet Fire Department and the Joliet Police Department. Chef Turon says people can watch local chefs from each department create a dish within an hour.

Chef Cummings says he’s having the competition to market his restaurant at the food court called ConEcepts. Cummings has been involved in several food competitions and is ranked 2nd best burger chef at the World Food Championship. The competition will be held on Tuesday, March 21st between 5pm and 9pm in front of ConEcepts at the Louis Joliet Mall. Will County executive Larry Walsh as well as WJOL’s Natalie Coleman will be judges. The cost is 15-dollars to attend.

Click here to hear the entire interview.

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