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Shooting Death Reported in Lockport Township

The Will County Sheriff's Department is reporting that just before 4 PM on Thursday the 23rd, Sheriff’s deputies responded to a shooting at Princeton and Fairmount in Lockport Township.  Upon arrival deputies found 16 year old Latray Wright had been shot in the head, back, and shoulder.  Lockport Fire personnel was called to the scene and transported Wright to Silver Cross Hospital, where he was pronounced deceased.  Wright and another male subject were walking westbound on Princeton when a vehicle with three unknown male black individuals drove by and began shooting at them.  The two began to run, and Wright was shot.


10-24  10 PM

JTHS Advanced Placement/Foreign Language Class Numbers Up

In Joliet Township High School District 204, things are looking up when it comes to the number of students in "advanced placement classes," especially when it comes to foreign languages. 

Joliet Township High School Director of Curriculum Alberto Filipponi says District 204 recently received, in honor of number students THE SEAL OF BILITERACY in their honor.  Filipponi says students receiving this have to formally study a language for four years, maintain a three-point-O GPA while doing so, and demonstrate proficiency on a college board assessment, or an American Council of Teaching Foreign Languages Assessment.  Filipponi points out that the number of J-T-H-S district students going for this has really gone up.  For example, overall AP assessments being taken district wide have gone from two-hundred-28 in 2009, to one-thousand-96 in 2014.

 And of course: first and foremost, credit goes to the teachers.  They are encouraging more students to get into these advanced placement classes, including, for example, something new.  Over 200 students district wide enrolled in a new freshman level A-P human geography class, where they can already earn college credit, and get on the A-P and Honors track.


10-24  10:30 AM

Pavement Repairs to I-80 in Joliet Saturday

The Illinois Department of Transportation will be resuming pavement repairs to eastbound Interstate 80 in Joliet, weather permitting, on Saturday, Oct. 25. The repairs will require closing the right lane of I-80 at the interchange with Houbolt Road from midnight until about 10 a.m. Saturday. Additional overnight closures on the weekend may be scheduled over the next few weeks to complete the repairs. Motorists can expect delays and should allow extra time for trips through this area. Drivers are urged to pay close attention to flaggers and signs in the work zones, obey the posted speed limits and be on the alert for workers and equipment.

Road Work Planned for U.S. 6 in Will County

The Illinois Department of Transportation today announced that road work will begin on both directions of U.S. 6, between McClintock Road and Interstate 55, in Will County, for a pavement resurfacing project. The project will begin, weather permitting, on Monday, Oct. 27, with a tentative completion date of late November. Traffic will be reduced to one lane, with flaggers present during daytime work hours. Motorists can expect delays and should allow extra time for trips through this area. Drivers are urged to pay close attention to flaggers and signs in the work zones, obey the posted speed limits and be on the alert for workers and equipment.

Plainfield Dist 202 Teachers Reject Deal

Plainfield School District 202 has confirmed that the district's teachers union has rejected the proposed contract recently approved by the Plainfield 202 School Board.  Sources have told 1340 WJOL that 17-hundred-two teachers voted; with 965 NO votes, and 737 YES votes.  That comes out to 57 percent of the teachers rejecting the contract.  District spokesperson Tom Hernandez has told 1340 WJOL that since the teachers have rejected the deal, the next move is up to them.


10-23  1 PM

Will Co Health Department Busy on Ebola Issue

October of 2014 will no doubt be remembered as "the month we learned about Ebola."  Will County Health Department spokesperson Vic Reato says he can point to a certain date where his office really started getting some phone calls, right around October 10th.  Since then, he says the health department has been meeting since then with law enforcement, emergency management, hospitals; and anyone else involved in the issue.

Reato also points out that there is much more to learn about how Ebola can be spread.  But right now, the general consensus from the experts is: this is more than simply coughing on someone.  "Bodily fluids" seems to be the key.  Reato says the difference is the Ebola seems to come from very deep within the lungs, and is carried by a larger particle that does not "come up" as readily.

For information about Ebola, go to www.willcountyhealth.org; and there will be substantial information, along with a link to the Illinois Department of Public Health website and 24 hour Ebola hotline.


10-23  12 Noon

First USF Teacher of the Month Honored on 1340 WJOL

The first winner of the WJOL and University of St. Francis "Teacher of the Month" award has been named.  Erika Martinez teaches at Jonas Saulk Elementary School, and says her students motivate her everyday.

Martinez is a bilingual kindergarten school teacher, teaching in both English and Spanish. She will receive a voucher for a University of St. Francis professional development course worth 800 dollars, a recognition plaque, and a goodie bag from USF.  Martinez is an alumni board member from USF, and suspects her co-workers and USF staff nominated her.  To hear the entire interview from the Scott Slocum show go to our podcast section at WJOL.com.  You can nominate your teacher through our website as well.


10-21  10 AM

Plainfield District 202 Grad Coming Home to Discuss His True Crime Book

Once upon a time, in the early 90s, John Ferak was a Plainfield Central High School student, interviewing 1340 WJOL's Scott Slocum about careers in broadcasting.  He started in sports journalism, moved over to news, and has now written a true-crime book called BLOODY LIES: A CSI SCANDAL IN THE HEARTLAND.  Published this past June by the Kent State University Press in Ohio, this book covers a double murder that happened in Nebraska.  The wrong two people were arrested off the bat, and then there was a CSI scandal that took down Nebraska's top CSI guy at the time, Dave Cofoed.  Ferak explained to 1340 WJOL's Scott Slocum that Cofoed was motivated by attention and ego, rather than money.

The book is available on Amazon.com, as well as the Barnes and Noble off of Plainfield Road.  Ferak will be at the Plainfield Public Library to discuss the book this coming Sunday at 2 PM.


10-23 11 AM

Legal Analyst Frank Czervenyak Says Crime Victims Amendment is Well Drafted

WJOL Legal Analyst Frank Czervenyak joined 1340 WJOL earlier in the week to discuss the two constitutional amendments proposed on the upcoming November 4th ballot. One of the two discussed was the amendment on the ballot which deals with updating and revising the crime victim's bill of rights.  Czervenyak says the main priority here appears to be notivication, and making sure the victims know when someone who hurt them is up for a courtdate, or released on parole.

Czervenak further explained the exact rights someone could receive through updating the Crime Victims Bill of Rights in the Illinois Constitution.  He says the current laws would be elevated, along with new rights to communicate with the prosecution.  For example, instead of only communicating with the prosecution at the sentencing portion of the case, they would be able to do so during any point in the case

He also explained how this is an amendment that makes sense to add to our state constitution, and is well drafted.

You can hear the entire interview with Frank Czervenak, as he breaks down the proposed amendments for the Illinois Constitution, on our website WJOL.com.


10-24  5:15 AM

Hickory Street 4's Adam Landerman: Pre-Trial Hearing Moved to November

Hickory Street 4 defendant Adam Landerman was scheduled to have a pre-trial hearing Thursday morning for a status update in his case. The only update was that his hearing will now be on November 5th (for status update).

Landerman's attorney refuses to start trial until the Appellate Court rules in the case of Joseph Hosey; the Patch reporter who had police reports leaked to him and refuses to turn over his source. However, there is a possibility that the Appellate Court won't even get to Hosey's case until sometime in the spring. 

Landerman's co-defendant Bethany McKee is scheduled to appear in court on November 3rd for a hearing to cover post-trial motions and then again on November 4th for sentencing. The other co-defendant Joshua Miner will be sentenced on November 12th. Both McKee and Miner were found guilty on all 6 counts including first degree murder and felony murder.


Legal Expert Frank Caervenyak Talks about State Amendment on Voting Rights

1340 WJOL Legal Analyst Frank Czervenyak joined the afternoon show on Wednesday to discuss the two constitutional amendments on the upcoming ballot for the November 4 election. Czervenak says that the first amendment, which deals with voter discrimination, starts a discussion involving the federal constitution and the two amendments in that document that already give and protect a citizens the right to vote.  Czervanyak pointed out that there are two federal constitutional amendments already focusing on everyone's right to vote; the 15th from after the Civil War that addresses race and color; and the 26th, which guarantees the right to vote to all citizens 18 and older.
Czervenak went on to stay that once the state constitution has been amended it's very difficult to undo, even thought it has been done in the past. And stated that when you're talking about amending a constitution you need to be very careful about what amendments you decide to add. He also noted that this is something that rarely done at the federal level as the last amendment to the U.S. Constitution was 1992. 

An Eye Opening Look at the Trucking Industry

Following the fatal crash on I-55, a listener sent WJOL a letter detailing her experience with truckers and trucking companies.  Below is her opinion unedited. 
  I spend a lot of time on the road as our jobs are onsite.  I work with many truckers who are working at the Intermodals. This is what I have learned and I am passing it on as it concerns me. 
       Many of the truck companies own only 1-2 trucks.  The owner will accept a job, at say, $1500. It is local and it is picking up a trailer at an intermodal and delivering it to a location, say, Peoria Caterpillar. The owner of the small firm hires a truck driver as an independent contractor at $800 for the job, leases the truck to the driver at a set fee and makes the driver buy the fuel. However, in order for the driver to collect the $800, he has to make the round trip including delivery of the trailer and pick-up of another trailer  and return the truck with a full load, within 8 hours. If it is beyond the time limit the hired driver gets no money but is still responsible for the payment and bills.
      You know how long it takes to drive to Peoria and back and this seems to be a reasonable amount of time, but if you get caught up in traffic., or it takes a while to load or unload the trailer, suddenly you are running short on time, so you speed, find shortcuts, etc to make sure you get your money.
     Some of these truck owners do not do background checks, you only need to have a current CDL.  Some of the drivers can speak no English and require a translator. They cannot read or write English, but yet they have a current CDL license. They can't read the signs put into place warning them of possible slowdowns or construction or time delays. 
      They are of several nationalities and numerous races of persons. Many have only been here a few short weeks, came here legally, and have this type of job waiting for them.
Thought you might want to know this.

Overview of Centerpoint in Elwood: Watch Video


Scott Slocum had a chance to take a ride over Centerpoint South in Elwood yesterday. You've heard that it's the largest inland port in North America, see for yourself.  Go to Scott Slocum's Facebook page to view the video.

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