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Battered Baby Taken to Hospital; Joliet Man Arrested

A 27 year old Joliet resident has been charged with Aggravated Battery to a Child, which is a Class X Felony.  Robert Walker is the alleged boyfriend, of the mother of a 13 month old girl brought to the Silver Cross Hospital Emergency Room this past Tuesday. 

The 13 month old child was extremely lethargic and vomiting at the time.  Police were called when bruising was noticed on the baby.  It was later noticed that she nad extreme internal injuries that could only have been caused by blunt force trauma.  The little girl was then transferred to Christ Hospital, and remains in intensive care.


4-24  10:30 AM

Clean Energy; More Jobs: A United Goal

As we marked Earth Day this past Tuesday, and we get ready for our week long 'shoe and textile collection' here in Will County; it's a good time to get together and talk about the future of combining good clean energy with good solid jobs.  That's what happened during a meeting at IBEW 176 on Wednesday, hosted by the Sierra Club and the Citizens Utility Board.

State Senator Pat McGuire said one thing you have to notice right away is how much 'all for one' talk goes on today at a meeting like this.  In his words, getting 'labor leaders' and 'environmentalists' in the same room years ago could be like a "Blackhawks-Blues hockey game."   But today, you'll find an atmosphere of cooperation.

State Rep Natalie Manley agrees, saying the most important thing is that everyone's getting together to talk about "specific, united goals."

McGuire pointed out that a major concern right now is adjusting Senate Bill 103.  He says with so many people choosing to go the electric aggregation route, and choose electricity suppliers other than Com Ed up north and Ameren downstate, you in effect have 100 million dollars in funding for renewable energy development that's JUST SITTING THERE.   And one of the immediate goals is to free up that money and get it working; towards both the future of clean energy and the future of more jobs.


4-24  12:15 PM

Radogno Worried About Migrating Illinoisans

A top legislative leader is concerned about the dwindling number of Illinoisans in the state.  Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno told the "Chicago Sun Times" Editorial Board that there are too many people leaving Illinois.  She says a U of I study shows those who are migrating are doing so to find jobs.  The report adds that many of them are in their 30's or 40's and are taking their families with them.  Others are leaving to find a warm place to enjoy their retirement.    

Quinn Wants To Invest More Money In College Aid Programs

Governor Quinn promises to work towards making college affordable for students and take financial stress off of their parents.  He stopped at Bradley University on Wednesday in Peoria.  Quinn says his plan will work if the state's temporary income tax hike becomes permanent.  He adds that he proposes to double Illinois' investment in the Monetary Award Program over the next five years.  MAP provides scholarships to qualified students needing financial aid.  Quinn wants to add 50 million dollars to the 373 million dollars that the state allots.

More History to be Found Near Brandon Rd and Rt 6 ??

A presentation at the Joliet Area Historical Museum on Wednesday took a look back on the I and M Canal Days, when it comes to where the cargo came into town.  As the museum's Greg Peerbolte explained, something was discovered around the spot where Route 6 meets Brandon Road near the Kings Landing area.  Peerbolte credits local historian Wayne Barnett for this discovery, which is pretty much there 'in plain site.'  It's evidence of cargo holders at the point of entry for Joliet.

There are also two old wooden cargo boats, submerged in water, being used as docks out there.  The hope is that someday they could be raised and restored.   There is ALSO HOPE that with some digging around the area, much MORE will be found.


4-24-14  12 Noon

Group Continues Effort to Save Pilcher Park Dam

As the debate continues on the Joliet Park District's plan to tear out the Pilcher Park Dam, a retired biologist who worked for the City of Joliet for 31 year is saying, "Not so Fast."

Jeff Lindstrom from the Save the Pilcher Park Dam facebook site says Tuesday's public hearing on the Pilcher Park issue was one-sided, as far as what type of water body we are talking about here.  Lindstrom says all the displays there Tuesday night concerned rivers.  But in this case, he says you are pretty much talking about a lake area about 150 feet wide, with the upstream area just 20 feet wide.  He says you would first have a bunch of smelly mud after taking out the dam, along with a load of dead bacteria.

Lindstrom says that would be just the beginning of major expenses once the dam is taken out.  He says that if the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has the money to take out the dam, why not take that money and renovate instead?  Also, Lindstrom says it's very questionable to say that removing the dam would improve fishing.  He believes the fish population is fine as is, and sources he has talked to will confirm this.

One thing for sure, Lindstrom says he'd like to see future public hearings on this issue where if the state Department of Natural Resources gets to set up all of their displays and talk for an hour, he'd like to see the public get "more than three minutes each," and get to set up some of their own displays.  


4-23  7 PM

IHSA Makes it Official: No Football Padding in Summer

The IHSA has passed a new rule by the IHSA regarding off season football practices. 

The IHSA has officially outlawed any full pad full hitting scrimages in the summer for High School Football. Teams were previously allowed five full pad full contact days in the summer, but that is now no more. As Edgytim from Edgytim.com explained to 1340 WJOL, schools are allowed to meet for 25 days in the summer but full pads will no longer be allowed; and Edgy says while is sounds like a big deal it's really not.  He says most coaches will tell you that they really were not going with full pads in the summer anyway.

In regards to the discussion of violent hits and concussions, and the long term effects those type of injuries can have on someone later in life, Edgy says those very public conversations are having an impact on High School Football.  He says that at the freshman levels last year, concussions were down at most schools about 10 to 15 percent.

And don't forget: it's 126 days till kickoff of the High School Football season.


4-23  7:15 PM

Rodogno Eyes U-I Study of People Leaving Illinois

A top legislative leader is concerned about the dwindling number of Illinoisans in the state.  Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno told the "Chicago Sun Times" Editorial Board that there are too many people leaving Illinois.  She says a U of I study shows those who are migrating are doing so to find jobs.  The report adds that many of them are in their 30's or 40's and are taking their families with them.  Others are leaving to find a warm place to enjoy their retirement.   


4-24  5 AM

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Set for this Saturday

It's a lighthearted way of addressing a a very serious issue.  The 5th annual “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes” is being held this Saturday at Guardian Angel to raise awareness of sexual assault.  About 150 to 200 people are expected, and men are asked to walk in women's shoes.

Donna Plier with Guardian Angels says men can pick their shoe of choice.

Registration occurs this Saturday at Guardian Angel; in the gym at 9:30am; at 1550 Plainfield Road in Joliet.   The walk is free but if you bring in a donation of 25-dollars, you'll get a free event tee-shirt and 50 dollars or more, you'll also get 10 free raffle tickets.

The route will follow Theodore Street to Larkin, up to Route 30, and completing the triangle back to where Route 30 meets Theodore.
Guardian Angel has touched nearly 35-thousand people through counseling, and awareness about sexual assault.  The 24-hour hotline is 815-730-8984.


4-22 10:15 AM

Red Carpet Corridor Festival Getting Kicks on 66




The Kicks Sale cruiser stopped for gas in Dwight at the Texaco Route 66 welcome center.


The 8th Annual Red Carpet Corridor festival is teaming up with the "Kicks on 66 sale for the Mother Sale on the Mother Road."  Ninety miles of family fun is waiting for you during the weekend of May 3rd and 4th. This self-guided driving tour of 13 towns will feature flea markets, motorcycle shows, cook offs,  antiques and crafts. Each town on the tour will be producing its own event.  Make sure to get the collectibles on the route according to Debbie Jo Eriksen with Will County.  Souvenir postcards can be picked up at each stop. 

The idea of this festival is to try and get people off the main highways and back into the communities.  Some communities included are Elwood, Wilmington, Pontiac and Towanda.  For a complete list and map go to kickson66sale.com.


4-22  10 AM


As we've mentioned before, we're getting closer to the HOCKEY HAS HEART CHALLENGE game, this Saturday at 1 PM, in the Rocket Ice Arena across from the Village Hall in Bolingbrook.  A while back, we heard from Bolingbrook's Don Bolger, who put this game together to benefit HOCKEY ON YOUR BLOCK, a charitable organization in alliance with the Chicago Blackhawks that helps fund equipment for young players.  Another person involved in this is reporter Rob Johnson from CBS-2 in Chicago.  Johnson is a HOCKEY MAN through and through.  In fact, it began when he started playing, as an adult, while working in Houston.  Now, his son is also a very active player.

And yes, Johnson will be playing in Saturday's game.  Also playing will be former Blackhawk Eric Daze, whose pro career was cut short with a back injury.  And among the celebrities playing will be ZANDER from our sister station 95-9 the River, and Darren McEvily from the 1340 WJOL sales team.  Cost to get in Saturday at Bolingbrook's Rocket Ice Arena, just five dollars.


4-22  9:30 AM

Joliet Symphony Orchestra has Two Special Performances this Weekend

The Joliet Symphony Orchestra has a special double-header coming up this weekend.   First, it's the ORGAN EXTRAVAGANZA, 7 PM Saturday evening at the Rialto Theatre.  As conductor Jim Stopher explains, this will be a special night of 'accompanied organ music," with the Joilet Symphony Orchestra taking part for the first time.
Following Saturday's event, the Joliet Symphony Orchestra will turn around and feature their annual spring concert, Sunday afternoon at 3 PM in the University of Saint Francis Moser Performing Arts Center.  Stopher says there will be a couple of special guests.  The "Dazzling Debuts" concert will feature the two winners of the Joliet Symphony Orchestra's inaugural Concerto Competition from last May. 

For tickets to Sunday's concert at U-S-F, call 815-740-3520, or go to jolietsymphonyorchestra.org.  The Joliet Symphony Orchestra was established in 2005, as a partnership between the University of Saint Francis and the City of Joliet.



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