Pay For Parking With Your Phone From Joliet Commuter Lots

The commuter lots at the Joliet Train station are going high tech. The City of Joliet has partnered with Total Parking Solutions and Passport Parking to launch the Passport Parking mobile App. City of Joliet Parking Superintendent Tom Schwarha says all commuter lots have electronic pay stations, but now the city is taking it to the next level. The new mobile pay app will save people time. Instead of waiting at the pay station, you can just run to the train and pay while sitting on the train by using the mobile app. Input your space number and zone number and pay with your phone.

The only catch is that it’s a little more expensive to use. Currently, commuter’s pay $1.00 a day to park. The Passport App costs 1.50 per day. After making a payment, users can monitor their parking time remaining in the App and even extend their session remotely if needed. The Passport Parking App is free to download from the iPhone App Store and Android Google Play.

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