Plainfield Fire Protection Holiday Red Wreath Turning White

There were no injuries during a late morning Christmas tree fire on Tuesday, December 5th. At 11:40 am the Plainfield Fire Protection District responded to a 9-1-1 call for a Christmas tree fire in the 15300 block of Corbin Street. A homeowner discovered a small fire within their artificial Christmas tree. The fire was extinguished by 11:51 am and damage was limited to the Christmas tree and some nearby carpeting. During the fire investigation the cause of the fire was determined to be from a string of Christmas lights that overheated. This fire from a holiday decoration will cause one of the red bulbs on their holiday wreaths to be changed to a white bulb to signify the fire.

All Plainfield fire stations are decorated with a holiday wreath with red lights. If there’s a fire caused by a holiday decoration then a red light will be replaced with a white light.

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