Plainfield Man Arrested For Shooting Off Bottle Rockets

If you plan on shooting off fireworks in your backyard be prepared to be arrested. Joliet Police responded to a complaint of fireworks Monday night in the 19-hundred block of Prairie Ridge Drive in unincorporated Plainfield. Joliet Police found bottle rockets. Anthony Figliulo was arrested and fined 500-dollars.

The city of Joliet reminds residents about fireworks safety. Those at greatest risk of injury are young children under the age of nine. Children often come in contact with devices that are perceived to be less powerful, such as sparklers and bottle rockets. However, all fireworks have the potential for causing damage and injury. Sparklers, for instance, burn at temperatures above 1,200 degrees, enough to melt glass. In Illinois, it’s illegal to posses, purchase or use consumer fireworks without a permit.

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