New Courthouse Guideline Budget Calls for Under 50 Courtrooms, but Others Could be Around the County


The overall picture involving the future “new Will County Courthouse” seems to be: establish a solid budget for it first, and name small adjustments down the road. Chief Judge Richard Schoenstedt told 1340 WJOL that he’s figuring Will County will need just over 50 courtrooms when the population peaks,  perhaps around 2040. And if the courthouse budget calls for under 50 courtrooms, that still could work out.  Schoenstedt says you could have a situation with 34 to 38 courtrooms at the new courthouse, along with some satellite courthouses around the county “more where the people live.”

What was decided Wednesday July 6th by the Capital Improvements Committee was a “guideline budget” for the courthouse of $195 million. The County Board’s Reagan Freitag says the ‘already County Board approved’ $275 million in bonding authority could be used, hopefully, for a variety of things in the long run.  She mentioned about $31 to $32 million in bonds for the new sheriff’s facility that include probation services, and perhaps $25 million for the county health department.

And as of now, there’s no specific plan of what the old courthouse might be used for, or what will become of it. But it’s well known that many are hoping for a new “Chicago Street throughway” to be in its place.

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