Reverse 911 Call Alerted Residents In Plainfield On Saturday

Plainfield Police Chief John Konopek tells WJOL that it could be weeks before the ballistic tests are complete following the homicide/suicide on Saturday. Police will do their “due diligence” and not officially call the shootings in Plainfield a murder/suicide. Sixty-five year old Elaine Zene was allegedly shot several times by her ex-husband in the parking lot of the Jewel/Osco at 135th Street and Route 59 on Saturday, October 28th.  Chief Konopek says following the shooting at around 12:30 p.m., the suspect Raymond Zene sent a text to a family member and that person alerted Plainfield Police.

A reverse 911 call was sent to Plainfield residents in the neighborhood of the 24-thousand block of Walnut Circle to alert residents to remain in their homes. Zene had barricaded himself in his townhome. He was found dead after 5 p.m. He died from a single gunshot wound.

While reverse 911 calls work for residents who still have a land line, it will not work for those with cell phones unless you register your phone with the Will County Emergency Management Agency. You can do so by clicking here.




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