Six Drinking Fountains and 59 Sinks Fail Lead Testing Requirements in Plainfield D-202

Earlier today, Plainfield School District 202 released results of lead testing in water sources, and it shows that 65 of the almost 3700 water sources within the school district do not meet the new safety standards set by the State of Illinois. Six drinking fountains: one at Wesmere Elementary, Indian Trail Middle School, and Plainfield South High School, which was by the tennis courts, and three at Plainfield Academy, all didn’t meet the lead testing requirements, in addition to fifty-nine sinks at 15 schools throughout the district. In the statement. District 202 said that the testing began early in May, but the results were delayed as there were a limited number of companies licensed to perform testing along with the number of buildings that required the statewide testing. Lead filters have been intstalled on all of the water sources that did not pass the testing, and will be tested before the first day of school on August 17th. Any devices that don’t meet the standard after the filter fitting will not be in use.


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