Two Of Four Women At Center Of Semaj Crosby’s Death Speak Out

Shared with permission from James Crosby with daughter Semaj

The women at the center of the Semaj Crosby investigation say they’re not “running and hiding.” Bishop Gregg Greer with Freedom First International and the Semaj Crosby Coalition for Justice tells WJOL’s Monica DeSantis that Thursday’s public event for Semaj’s second birthday was emotional and surprising.

Three of the four women at home at the time of Semaj’s death were at the birthday celebration in remembrance of Semaj. Greer says Darlene Crosby, which is Semaj’s grandmother spoke with reporters. Darlene said she is innocent. She also said,”If Will County can’t resolve the situation then maybe the investigation should be sent to a higher power.”

Lakrisha Crosby also spoke. She is the aunt of Semaj. But mother Sheri Gordon did not. Greer has spoken with all four women who have been identified as uncooperative by the the Will County Sheriff’s Department.

Greer’s coalition has split from the initial Justice for Semaj Action Team. The Action Team held their own event on Thursday with a balloon launch and candlelight vigil at the address of Semaj’s home at 309 Louis Road in Joliet Township. Greer says his newly formed coalition with Semaj’s father James will focus on organizations and partnerships around the country to change and reform the Department of Children and Family Services.

The 17-month old was found dead under a couch in her home in Joliet Township last April. The vigil will be held at 309 Louis Road in Joliet. The home was condemned by Will County Land Use Department and later burned to the ground. No one has been charged in the death of Semaj Crosby. The Will County Coroner had ruled the death as a homicide due to asphyxia. The fire ruled it arson and again, no one has been charged.

Bishop Greer spoke with Monica DeSantis for WJOL. Here is an excerpt of the interview.




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