Unused Sick Time & Vacation Time Payouts For City Workers

Retiring City of Joliet employee gets lump sum payouts for unused sick time and vacation. Patch Reporter John Ferak exposed the payments in a series of reports. Ferak says fringe benefit packages can sometimes fly under the radar. Since Ferak reported that City Hall department head Dave Mackley is getting over 104-thousand dollars in unpaid sick time and vacation banks he’s found another 13 employees getting big pay days. Some are cashing out anywhere from 30-thousand dollars to 60-thousand dollars.

Ferak tells the Scott Slocum that stockpiling unused sick days for a big payout flies in the face of cities crying foul over getting less funding from the state.

Getting a huge payout, significantly increases the retiree’s pension. In some cases getting an extra 16-thousand dollars a year. Plus a yearly 3-percent increase. A new state law called Illinois transparency took effect in August of last year which allowed Ferak to analyze the payouts. To hear the entire interview go to our website at WJOL.com.

To read John Ferak’s story in The Patch click here.


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