Wilmington’s Gemini Giant Gets New Owners

Photo Courtesy of Holly Barker

The Gemini Giant officially has new owners. The Route 66 landmark has been purchased by Tully Garrett and Holly Barker. The famous muffler man statue and drive-in restaurant will remain at their original location at 810 East Baltimore Street in Wilmington. The restaurant dates back to 1960 under the original name of Dairy Delite and in 1965 was renamed Launching Pad, becoming home to the Gemini Giant, a fiberglass “Muffler Man” sporting a space helmet and rocket ship. Tully Garrett owns an insurance agency that has been in his family for 55 years. He also has an extensive music memorabilia collection that will be on display at the Launching Pad in a mini-museum. Holly Barker operates Grief Anonymous and Grief Resource Network for grieving people in crisis. You can find more information about the Gemini Giant/Launching Pad at facebook.com.

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