Woman Attacked By Pit Bulls in Joliet

A woman was attacked by two pit bulls on Sunday in Joliet. The 27-year-old Crest Hill woman was at the 1500 block of Cumberland Drive just after 8:00pm on to look after her father’s house while he was out of town. The dogs were supposed to be at the residence but it is unknown if the father is the owner of the dogs. The woman was cleaning the back yard when the dogs attacker her. A neighbor heard the commotion and called 911. Joliet Police officers arrived a found the woman in distress, covered in blood with one dog biting the woman’s head while the other attacked her leg. The officer, who was fearing for the woman’s life, shot the dog biting the woman’s leg. The dog was shot in the side and ran off, the other dog ran off after the shot was fired. The woman was taken to Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center. The dog who was shot died after the incident. The other dog was taken by Animal Control.

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