143rd Street Drama Intensifies, Will County State’s Attorney Dragged In

Last week, the Will County Board was notified by the Will County Clerk’s office  that Resolution 24-27, “Directing the Will County Department of Transportation to Cease Moving Forward with the 143rd St Expansion Road Project as Currently Planned” had  been returned and signed by the Will County Executive. 

The Board members who voted, (bi-partisan majority vote of 12 – 9) in support of  Resolution 24-27 were happy to learn that the County Executive had decided to support the will of the County Board and the citizens of Will County. 

Four days later, the Will County Executive changed her mind and filed a veto of this  Resolution with the Clerk’s office. 

Friday, the Will County Board, elected officials of Homer Township, the Village of Homer Glen, and the residents of Will County wait on a decision from the Will County States Attorney’s Office as to whether the County Executive can do that. (Sign a Resolution, then VETO the same Resolution four days later.) 

Will County Board Chairman, Judy Ogalla, states – “This is more than just about the  143rd St Road project. This is about whether a Resolution signed by the County  Executive can be vetoed after signature and filing with the Clerk’s Office. Allowing this to  take place would set precedent that would have huge ramifications on all Resolutions  signed now, in the future, or in the past.” 

The Will County States Attorney’s office, who represents both the Will County Board and the Will County Executive, expects to have their opinion early next week.