Plainfield Man Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison

A 40-year-old Plainfield man was sentenced on Monday to eight years in prison for violent attacks on his girlfriend spanning multiple days in 2018. The sentencing follows a bench trial in which Judge Carmen Goodman found Darrius Brown guilty of Aggravated Domestic Battery, Unlawful Use of a Weapon by a Felon,  and Resisting a Police Officer.

The beatings occurred over approximately five days in February 2018, while Brown was living with Jamie Hollingsworth, his girlfriend, at her residence. During this time span, Hollingsworth’s children heard Brown beating and punching their mother repeatedly, and one child said he could hear her yelling “stop, stop you’re hurting me.” Brown refused to let the children intervene despite their attempts to help their mother. Finally, Brown ordered the oldest child to take her to the hospital but to say that he had found her in Chicago and that if he didn’t “stick to the story” he would end up just like her. Hollingsworth suffered brain damage and memory loss, required surgery to attempt to repair her vision from retinal detachment, had over 14 facial fractures, and suffered numerous other injuries from the beatings. Officers located .22 ammunition in the residence when executing a search warrant. Testimony of multiple witnesses, including the children, was that Brown, a convicted felon, possessed a number of firearms and ammunition.