UPD: Smoke And Fumes Lead To Evacuation Of Joliet West E Building

Joliet Fire Department confirming that due to a refrigeration leak that set off the alarm and caused haze in the building at Joliet West High School’s E building Monday morning. Initially WJOL had reports that the fire started after a projector overheated and blew up. The message send out to parents said there was smoke in the basement caused by a malfunction of a motor. Joliet Fire Department Chief Jeff Carey tells WJOL that no one was transported to the hospital by the fire department.

Joliet West message on their website, “This is an update regarding the evacuation that occurred at Joliet West this morning. The Joliet Fire Department has determined that it is safe to be in the building, although fire alarms are continuing to go off periodically.”

“This morning Joliet West High School was safely evacuated due to smoke and fumes emitting from the basement of the E Building.  The Joliet Fire Department arrived quickly on scene and has determined that the smoke and fumes were caused by a malfunction of a motor.”

“Classes in the E Building have moved to another location today. Students will be permitted to retrieve their belongings later today.”