A toy left behind at Joliet’s Pilcher Park Nature Center Becoming Social Media Sensation

A child’s toy stuffed animal named “Odie” has turned into a social media darling. Odie was left at Pilcher Park on Tuesday, August 10th and the staff at the park decided to post Odie’s journey on their Facebook page with the caption,”Please help me find my person! I was left at the park on Tuesday. The nice people who work at the Nature Center are taking good care of me, but I miss my owner.”

On August 23rd Odie’s latest update, “It’s me Odie again. I want to thank all of you for sharing my tail. Some local radio and TV shows have told my story too. Unfortunately, my person hasn’t reached out yet.😞I wish I could remember where I lived. Hopefully one day I will return there.”

Chicago radio stations even took up Odie’s plight. But his person has to show up.  As for Pilcher Park Nature Center, Odie may be helping them get more visitors this year and likely become their mascot. Below is some stuff Odie got to do in the last couple of weeks at Pilcher Park.