Alert Elwood Resident Calls Police After Seeing Man With Flashlight Allegedly Stealing a Golf Cart

Elwood Police Chief Fred Hayes hopes April brings a quieter month than March for his police department.  Elwood officers were involved in a police pursuit of an armed gunman who carjacked a woman in Braidwood on March 10th. This week, Elwood police was on the scene of an arrest following the shooting death of a Joliet man. Another incident involved a stolen dump truck and golf cart.

It was an alert neighbor who saw someone with a flashlight poking around their home at 3 a.m. on March 23rd near Route 53 and Huff Road. Elwood Officer responded to the scene to discover a red GMC dump truck partially on the shoulder of the road and behind it was a golf cart.

Police arrested 54-year old Michael Honiotes for two felonies including possession of a stolen vehicle, the Will County Sheriff’s office listed him as homeless.