April 1st Deadline For Restaurants & Bars To File For Grants Under Hospitality Emergency Grant Program
The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity has launched the Hospitality Emergency Grant Program with $14 million drawn from funds originally budgeted for job training, tourism promotion, and other purposes.

Grant funds are available to support working capital items such as payroll and rent, as well as job training, retraining, and technology to support shifts in operations (for example, an increased focus on pick-up and delivery).

Restaurants and bars that generated between $500,000 and $1 million in revenue in 2019 are eligible for up to $25,000, and restaurants and bars that generated less than $500,000 in 2019 are eligible for up to $10,000.

If your restaurant or bar is interested in this program, we encourage you to fill out an online application form here.

But do it quickly.  Applications are due April 1.

Eligible applicants will be placed into a lottery, and grant winners will be notified shortly thereafter.