Arrest Made Following Shorewood Social Media Threat

A 22-year-old Maumee, Ohio resident has been arrested after making an online threat directed at the village of Shorewood. It was on February 5th that Shorewood Police and the Chicago Office of the FBI began working together to look into an online threat that stated “Hi. It’s going to be even more scary tomorrow. Because I’m going to be on the news. Commit a mass shooting. In Shorewood Illinois.” The investigation determined that the user making the online threat resided in Maumee, Ohio. The individual arrested was 22-year-old Ryan James Gagnet. The FBI says he admitted to saying there may be a mass shooting, and he was interested in seeing frightened reactions. Gagnet has been charged with interstate communication of a threat to injure.

Original story below from February 5, 2020

The Shorewood Police Department is still investigating a non-specific threat on social media that involved the village of Shorewood. The department has confirmed to WJOL that they are working with FBI as part of the investigation into the Tuesday night incident. Police could not state the nature of the threat or what social media platform the threat was placed on. They have shared that the threat was not directed at any person or entity within the village. Schools located within the village were notified of the threat and placed on a soft lockdown. Shorewood Police deployed extra manpower to ensure that children were protected at every school in Shorewood and select other sites while they began their day on Wednesday. School personnel were also asked to established normal security measures for incidents like this and to be extra vigilant for any suspicious behavior. Authorities have stated that their investigation with the FBI is to determine the identity and location of the individual or individuals who may be responsible while also working to ensure that this person or persons does not have the capability to act on this threat. Anyone with information is asked to call Shorewood Police at 815-725-1460.