As Nice Weather Approaches, Ruse Burglars Back In Action

The Will County Sheriff’s Office is again advising residents of ruse burglaries happening in our neighborhoods.  With the nice weather we expect to see these types of burglaries to increase.  Please educate yourself, your family members, and especially your elderly family members and neighbors, not to allow anyone into your home or take direction from anyone that shows up at your door that you do not expect.   Be aware that these thieves may be dressed with neon vests and/or uniforms that appear to be from landscaping companies, major utility companies, asphalt companies, roofing companies, city/village employees, etc.  and may have fake badges/business cards with them.

If someone comes to your door uninvited, do not answer the door, or ask them to leave your property and do not engage in conversation.   Take a minute to call authorities or your city hall to see if work is actually being done in your community and if the company is legitimate.

The below report was filed with the Sheriff’s Office on Thursday, April 20, in Homer Glen.  This information is being shared in order to help residents understand what happens in a ruse burglary so you will not become a victim.

Deputies were called to a residence at around 4pm where they spoke with a 70 year old woman who stated that an unknown Hispanic male rang her front doorbell and stated that he was a landscaper and was working on his neighbor’s lawn.  He stated that he was unsure of where the property line was and asked the victim to meet him in the back yard.  The man handed the victim a business card that said JD Quality Landscaping with a name and phone number on it.  The victim locked her front door, exited her back door, and met the man in the rear backyard.  While the victim was speaking to the man he was also speaking on a walkie-talkie to another individual.  After about 10 minutes of conversing with the man,  the victim went back inside her home.  She then observed three male Hispanics, one was holding a metal box and a safe that had been located in one of the victims closets.  The victim grabbed the man and a struggle began.  The three men began exiting the front door while the victim continued to struggle causing that man to drop the safe and metal box.  The victim received a cut to her hand and finger and a minor injury to her wrist.

The four men entered a white SUV, drove through the front lawn and fled onto the roadway.  It was later discovered that the burglars had rifled through the house and had stolen cash from the master bedroom that had been set aside for an upcoming birthday celebration.  

Deputies spoke with neighbors who advised that they observed a white Chevy Blazer traveling thru the neighborhood at a slow pace.  The vehicle appeared to be brand new with the model’s name and side doors still covered with the saran wrap covering.  The rear license plate had a “CarMax” placard attached.    A neighbor’s home security camera confirmed the white Chevy Blazer traveling in the neighborhood at the time of the incident.  

Will County Sheriff’s press release