Attempted Murder Suspect Arrested Following Stabbing In Lockport and Subsequent Police Chase

A Plainfield man is in custody after a stabbing in a parking lot in Lockport and a chase along I-80. A stabbing occurred in the parking lot of Challenge Fitness in Lockport late Sunday night into early Monday morning. The suspect fled the scene in his vehicle, and a high speed chase ensued with Morris police involved in the chase that took them along westbound I-80.

The suspect then headed east on I-80 and Minooka Police became involved throwing spike strips on the road. The suspect rammed a K9 squad car and the female officer was taken to the hospital as a precaution but is said to be fine.  Flock Safety technology was used to quickly identify the suspect’s vehicle.

The suspect pulled over at a rest stop along I-80 and parked his car as officers approached the vehicle, he started to run at them and was tased by a Minooka Police Officer and taken into custody at the scene.

The condition of the stabbing victim is not known. It’s not known how the two men knew each other if at all.