Babe’s Jumbo Hotdogs Leading Another Parade of Cars In Appreciation of Healthcare Workers In Joliet

It’s becoming a weekly thing. Babe’s Jumbo Hotdogs in Joliet is leading a parade of classic cars to drive by St. Joseph Medical Center in Joliet on Wednesday night in appreciation of all the healthcare workers.

Last week, Tim Reilly of Babe’s says it was heartwarming and emotional.

You don’t have to have a classic car to join in. Meet at Babe’s tonight, Wednesday, April 22 at 6 p.m. The parade will begin at 6:30 from Babe’s located at 26-hundred W. Jefferson Street in Joliet. it will travel along Jefferson then left on Springfield Avenue and right on Oneida Street. Babe’s drive-thru is still open and has also been delivering and donating food to St. Joe’s hospital and the COVID-testing site at Walmart.

Babe’s Hotdog Parade of cars to cheer healthcare workers at St. Joe’s Hospital.