Women across Illinois will soon have remedies to fight sexual harassment and discrimination in work places, thanks to a measure supported by State Senator Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant.

Bertino-Tarrant (D-Shorewood) championed Senate Bill 75, which clarifies the ethics investigation process, including making the process more transparent and giving additional rights to victims of harassment and discrimination who file ethics complaints.

“This monumental legislation is helping shift the culture in the work place,” Bertino-Tarrant said. “Stopping sexual harassment and ending discrimination helps provide a safe work environment for everyone.”

The bipartisan measure passed the legislature with unanimous support.

Senate Bill 75, requires hotels and casinos to provide employees who work in isolated spaces with panic buttons for use if they are sexually harassed or assaulted, local governments will now be required to report and provide an independent review of allegations of sexual harassment made against local elected officials and makes harassment against contract employees illegal.

“This measure will bring Illinois in line with 21st century workplace standards,” Bertino-Tarrant said. “As a state, it is our responsibility to promote policies that encourage exclusion and safety.”

The ethics provisions in Senate Bill 75 will go into effect once the legislation is signed into law, the panic button provision will go into effect on July 1, 2020, and every other section will go into effect on January 1, 2020.