The City of Wilmington has issued a Boil Order, effective October 7th, 2019 at 1:00 pm due to a water main break. The Public Works Department will need to shut the water main down in order to make the necessary repairs to the water system.

The Boil Order is going into effect for the following areas:
North of 1512 North Kankakee St.
West Kankakee River Drive
Charlotte St.
Eula St
Margarette St.
Jennifer Ln
Kirsten Lee Drive
Derby Ct.
Hawk Trail

Any water used for consumption (Including water for drinking, cooking, and food preparation) should be boiled for 5 minutes before use. The Boil Order will remain in effect until the work has been completed and the water has been sampled and tested. A notice will be posted when the Boil Order has been lifted.

For any additional information or questions, feel free to contact Bob Bland Superintendent of Water and Water Reclamation at (815)-476-2175 (ext. 226) or the Wilmington Water Department at (815)-476-6732.