Bolingbrook High School Hosts – 25th Anniversary Black History Month Program

On Saturday February 4th the Bolingbrook High School Black History Month Awareness Club hosted their 25th Annual Black History Month Program. This year’s theme was Accelerating the Dream.


Chief Mike Rompa led a contingent from the Bolingbrook Police Department that enjoyed music, performances and speakers which were highlighted throughout the event. Also in attendance was Mayor Mary Alexander-Basta, Deputy Mayor Mike Lawyer, Trustee Troy Doris, Trustee Maria Zarate, Trustee Michael Carpanzano, Trustee Jean Kelly and Trustee Sheldon Watts.

Courtesy Bolingbrook Police Department

The talented youth of the BHS community continues to impress and inspire us. We congratulate all of the current and former members of the Black History Month Awareness Club on 25 years of service and education to our village. Your powerful and inspiring program is the perfect start to Black History Month.