The Will County Sheriff’s Office has announced the arrest of 62-year-old Robin G. Huberty, of 118 Rhine Avenue in Bolingbrook after Sheriff’s detectives completed their investigation into Huberty selling counterfeit major league sportswear. In late February 2019, the Sheriff’s Investigation Unit was notified by Homeland Security that they had been conducting an investigation into Huberty’s illegal shipments of thousands of counterfeit sports jerseys, championship rings, shoes and baseball hats, with logos from MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, Majestic, Adidas and Nike. Fake Lego toys were also being shipped.

Over the course of the investigation, detectives worked with Homeland Security and a Private Investigator that specializes in counterfeit merchandise. On September 11th, the team of investigators arrived at Huberty’s residence and served him with a search warrant. Huberty was brought in for questioning and cooperated with detectives. Huberty stated that he has been selling illegal products through two websites since mid-2017. Huberty ordered his merchandise from China and stated that his online stores made hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales just last year. He made statements regarding one of his EBay accounts being suspended for selling counterfeit items and receiving numerous letters from the United States Customs Border Protection, Notice of Seizure, advising him of the consequences he may be facing after his shipments had been seized. Huberty disregarded those letters and continued purchasing and selling fake merchandise.

Seized in the investigation was Huberty’s 2012 Toyota Camry, 554 counterfeit jerseys, 7 pairs of counterfeit Adidas shoes, 64 counterfeit baseball hats and 9 counterfeit sports team patches, and proceeds from the sale of fake merchandise. Robin G. Huberty was arrested and charged with six felony counts of infringing the Counterfeit Trademark Act. His bond was set at $75,000