Bolingbrook Man Sentenced to 13 Years in Series of Break-Ins

A 29-year-old Bolingbrook man was sentenced on Wednesday in connection to multiple break-ins. Zacharie Brown was given 13 years in prison for residential burglary, attempt sexual abuse, and unauthorized videotaping of unsuspecting victims, including minors, as they slept. Brown pled guilty in multiple cases based on conduct occurring in 2021.

On several occasions Brown entered occupied residences through unlocked doors and windows and proceeded to videotape the victims as they slept. In some instances, the clothing of the victim or bedding was removed to expose the victim’s body for the purposes of recording.

Police apprehended Brown after one of the victims chased Brown out of his residence. The victim provided a description of Brown’s vehicle and its partial plate number to police. Police located Brown with the use of a tracker obtained for the vehicle.