Bolingbrook Teen Arrest After Struggle During Traffic Stop

A traffic stop in Bolingbrook led to a scary confrontation for police. On Thursday, January 27th, just before 5:00pm Bolingbrook Police conducted a traffic stop at Route 53 and Briarcliff Road. While speaking with several individuals in the vehicle, the back seat passenger, 18-year-old Taurus Weeks, began making suspicious movements and became argumentative with officers. Weeks was ordered to exit the vehicle but refused. He then began reaching toward his waistband when officers realized he was attempting to remove a handgun. After struggling with Weeks, officers were able to disarm him. Officers secured the weapon and Weeks was taken into custody. The recovered loaded handgun was also illegally modified to fire as fully automatic. An officer was injured during the struggle, but did not require immediate medical attention. Weeks was charged with 2 counts of Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Aggravated Battery, and Resisting a Police Officer.