Bolingbrook’s Snow Angels Need A Few More Volunteers

A resident-led completely volunteer effort focused on neighbors helping neighbors shovel (and salt) their private property after snow events in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Snow covered sidewalks in your neighborhood may not be getting shoveled for a reason. Your neighbor may be elderly or have a disability. An all-volunteer resident-led effort in Bolingbrook is pairing residents with older residents to shovel their sideway and driveways.

Snow-covered sidewalks can be hazardous for everyone. Bolingbrook’s Snow Angels Program pairs older residents (and residents with physical disabilities) with nearby neighbors who volunteer to assist them with snow removal on their sidewalks and walkways.

Along with fostering stronger community relationships and relieving some of the stress that comes from a snowfall or freeze, Snow Angels make our sidewalks safer for those who are outside during the winter weather – like postal carriers, delivery drivers, public safety (firefighters, police officers), children walking to school, and other neighbors walking their pets.  To become a volunteer or request service click here


Because helping your neighbors is SNOW much fun!

You can sign up online to offer help as a volunteer. The Snow Angels Program will work to pair you with a nearby neighbor. We will be in touch when you have been matched with a neighbor in need.

Things to Know about Signing Up to Volunteer as a Snow Angel:


  • You will be assigned to a neighbor in need in Bolingbrook (we aim to find a neighbor near your home if possible)
  • You will be contacted via e-mail with confirmation details when you have been assigned a neighbor
  • You may not be assigned to help a neighbor immediately. Neighbors request help throughout the winter season. You may be assigned immediately, a few weeks after you sign up, or later during the winter.
  • Your assignment depends on if there is a neighbor who needs help near you. If none of your neighbors sign up, we may not be able to assign you. Either way, we will try to keep in touch regularly!
  • We ask that you help out your neighbor as soon as you are safely able (preferably within 24-hours of the end of a snow event)
  • Sometimes more than one neighbor who needs help live in the same block. If you’re willing to help shovel and salt for more than one neighbor, please let us know on your registration form.
  • Neighbors are expected to have a snow shovel and salt available for their Snow Angel. In rare instances that they are unable to provide these tools, we will notify you via email.
  • Voluntary participation is only granted after agreeing and waiving liability for any claims, damage, injuries, etc. (see sign-up form)