Bull Elk From Wisconsin That Traveled To Joliet Area Has A Name And Reputation

A front end loader was used to scrape up 600 pounds of road kill on Wednesday in Joliet. A Bull Elk wandered from Black River Falls in Wisconsin and ended up on southbound I-55 at I-80 where it was hit by a vehicle and not a semi. Sgt. Dave Wollgast with Illinois Conservation Police spoke with WJOL and says there is evidence of vehicle parts on the roadway. The vehicle ended up in the ditch and then drove westbound on I-80. It is a miracle the driver was not injured.

The Elk had a name, it was tagged Bull Elk 357 and it’s been wandering since September looking to mate. Wollgast says the 3-year-old Elk may may have been less dominate within the herd and was searching for a mate. The Elk was spotted on Ring door bell videos throughout Wisconsin.

Wollgast says the head of the Elk was smashed and legs broken. The Elk was photographed as it zigzagged from Wisconsin to Illinois. The head of Elk will be tested for Chronic Wasting Disease disease which causes behavioral changes and loss of body condition and death.