The Case Of A Missing Braidwood Woman Has Police Chief Baffled

The search for a missing Braidwood woman has been partially suspended. Seventy-three year old Kim Gray was last seen June 11th leaving her home in the Shadow Lakes area that she shares with her son and daughter-in-law. Braidwood Police Chief Nick Ficcarello says this case has him “baffled as there are no clues.”

Ficarello tells the Scott Slocum show that there have been sightings of the woman in the collar counties.

Gray has family in the Chicago area. The woman is said to suffer from dementia, hasn’t driven in some time and the car she used to drive remains at her home. While organized searches have been suspended, police will continue to follow leads. Ficarello says they’ve searched every inch of Braidwood, using ATV’s, horses, air searches and even cadaver dogs. The Department will continue with air and water as well as K-9 searches periodically until Ms. Gray is located. Volunteers are encouraged to continue ground searches on their own.

Listen to the entire interview below:



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