Casino Receipts For Month Of July Better At One Joliet Casino Over Another

Casinos taking in millions despite being at 50% capacity due to COVID-19. Tom Swoik, executive director of the Illinois Casino Gaming Association says revenues at Illinois casinos were better than expected. Revenues were down 29% for adjusted gross receipts which is down but better than they thought it would be.

For the month of July, Illinois casinos took in $82.6 million dollars down 29% from July of 2019. Swoik says while there is limited capacity, people are spending more money than they previously did.

Meanwhile, Harrah’s Casino in Joliet fared much better than Hollywood Casino in Joliet. Harrah’s took in 11.8 million dollars for the month of July, down 18.8% from the previous year when revenue was at 14.5 million. But Hollywood Casino took in 5.8 million and was down 45% from July of 2019 when they took in 10.5 million. Meanwhile admissions were down 43% at Harrah’s and 51% at Hollywood.

Casinos reopened with 50% capacity July 1, after being shut down in March due to COVID-19.