CenterPoint presents case for a restraining order against Joliet and NorthPoint

CenterPoint filed an emergency temporary restraining order in Will County court earlier this week in an attempt to stop the city of Joliet and Eastgate Logistics from moving forward with construction necessary for the development of the NorthPoint project. Just last month the Joliet Plan Commission voted 6-0 to approve the next phase of development and to send the final approval to the Joliet City Council. The Council was planning to vote on that approval on Tuesday May 17th.

An attorney for CenterPoint was at the April plan commission meeting to inform the commission that CenterPoint has concerns related to the project and that a legal challenged to certain aspects of the development. The main point of contention is an agreement between NorthPoint and the city of Joliet for a closed loop road network to be constructed in an effort to keep traffic off of Route 53.

CenterPoint is a partner in the Houbolt Road Extension, a privately financed 1.5 mile long extension of Houbolt Road from US 6 to Schweitzer Road with a toll bridge over the Des Plaines River. Lawyers for CenterPoint believe that the closed loop network threatens the financial stability of the toll bridge.

A Will County Judge heard arguments from lawyers from CenterPoint and the city of Joliet. The matter is now under review by the Judge and a ruling could be announced as soon as Friday.