CenterPoint Says They Lived Up To Their Commitment To Reduce Truck Traffic On Joliet Streets But Worries About Other Developments

Chief development officer for CenterPoint, Michael Murphy would not comment on current litigation with Joliet and NorthPoint over traffic mitigation. Murphy says they’ve done their part with the Houbolt Road Extension and other improvements dating back years to get truck traffic off of Joliet streets.

Cut out onto Route 53 from Third Coast Intermodal/ss

Murphy tells WJOL, that CenterPoint has finally finished their entire infrastructure plan they committed to in 2009 with former Joliet City manager Tom Thanas with the completion of the Houbolt Road Extension. Murphy feels like they have managed the traffic appropriately for the CenterPoint development but worries this other development, (NorthPoint) which Murphy didn’t name, doesn’t have a plan for what traffic may come in the future.

Murphy says he was surprised to see that IDOT approved a curb cut entering the third coast intermodal along Route 53. Murphy says he doesn’t know the status for the bridge over Route 53, even though some preliminary infrastructure has already been implemented, including earth has being moved as part of a preliminary plan at to build a bridge at Breen Road at Route 53.