Central Alum Aaron Holden’s Golf Invention Brings TV Show to Central

Joliet Central High School alumnus Aaron Holden (’89) has gained national attention in the golf world for his invention of the G-Trak retractable netting system, a unique garage system that allows you to hit golf balls in the garage conveniently.  Holden was recently was featured at “The PGA Show” and in multiple publications throughout the United States.

In addition to donating and installing two retractable netting systems at Central that will allow JT Golf to practice year round, Aaron is shining the spotlight on the golf team, inviting team members to participate in an episode of “New Innovations in the Golf Industry,” hosted by actor Dennis Quaid.  In May, Holden and a film crew will film a portion of the documentary at Central with the golf team using the new G-Trak system.

Make sure to tune in to WJOL 1340 on May 5 at 7:37 a.m. to hear Aaron Holden and Golf Coach Jim Grzetich talk about the upcoming filming at Central and the G-Track invention.